Datacenter In FI

If you wish to host your site within a facility which is designed to withstand aerial assault, EMP attacks and all sorts of natural disasters, then our Finnish data center is an ideal option for you. Situated in a former belowground armed forces facility, it will warrant top-notch protection for all of your web sites.

Also, due to its location, this data center gives you incredible online connectivity with Russia, Northern and Central Europe, as well as with the rest of the world. If you would like your websites to draw in more customers from these countries, the Finnish data center can be a great selection.

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  • .ACADEMY - $33.49/year
  • .BARGAINS - $30.99/year
  • .CAFE - $36.49/year
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Cloud Hosting in Finland

Enjoy a trouble-free cloud hosting service inside our Finnish data center. We've set up our powerful cloud hosting servers in such a way as to match up with the high degree of security offered by this belowground data center facility. With every cloud hosting account, you'll receive 99.9% server and network uptime warranties, together with a no-questions-asked, 30-day MBG.

To help raise the safety of your web sites, all of the cloud hosting accounts include ModSecurity enabled automatically. It is a powerful firewall, that will shield your website from the most popular hacker attacks.

Hosting your site here will even bring you a speed increase - our cloud hosting servers are fitted out with very quick SSD drives and employ a unique file system (ZFS), which is created in such a way as to use the much increased read/write times offered by those SSD drives. And we offer a set of amazing web accelerators, which will help you increase the efficiency of your website substantially.

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  • We offer numerous cloud hosting plans hosted inside our Finnish data center. Have a look and choose the one that meets your preferences.
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