cPanel is one of the top hosting Control Panel instruments and it is used by millions of users worldwide. Its popularity is as a result of its convenience and intuitive interface, which will allow you to access a lot of functions with only a couple of clicks. You're able to upload, copy and move files, generate new databases and add users with different stages of access, create email addresses, enable spam protection and SPF validation, view account usage stats, and a lot more. cPanel is used by a lot of reseller web hosting providers, because it includes a reseller-level Control Panel called WebHost Manager (WHM). The latter is a powerful instrument that will help you create web hosting plans and to choose all of their features. You can also create and modify client web hosting accounts, easy access and modify a lot of server-side settings and DNS zone records, install modules and applications, and many more. cPanel and WHM can be used with a large number of billing apps.