Although this isn't the mainfactor to help you distinguish a dependable cloud hosting supplier from a bad one or a reseller from an actual supplier, the option to call and speak with a live person is an indicator that you aren't dealing with a one-person firm and that you'll be able to get in touch with someone if you're looking for assistance. The phone support for hosting services may range from standard to dedicated, thus the problems that can be resolved with a phone call differ depending on the particular company. Usually, these matters are simpler and feature billing or 1st level technical issues because more complex tasks often require a support ticket where both you and the system administrators can track what's going on with a given situation. However, the option to phone call your service provider can save you a lot of time and efforts for the countless small issues which may eventually appear at the time you manage your hosting account.

Phone Support in Cloud Hosting

If you choose to get one of our cloud hosting, you can get in touch with our customer support crew via phone for 14 hours a day. We can help you select the proper package for your websites since we think that it is better to discuss such issues with a live person. If you already own an account, we will help you with all of your sales/billing questions and / or general matters, even with some tech situations that don't require a long time or escalation to an administrator as it'll be more appropriate to open a ticket for time-consuming issues and have all the communication in a single place. We have phone numbers in the US, the United Kingdom and Australia, so you are able to call the one you prefer and talk with our representatives.